The Minority Ombudsman's meeting with István Galambos, Director General for Programs of the MTVA, and Kolos Andrónyi, Head of the Editorial Office for Nationalities and Hungarians Abroad
2021. February. 18.

General Comment No. 3/2020. of the Minority Ombudsman on incorporating the history of the Roma people in the school curricula in a more professional and effective way

The general comment primarily focuses on the issues related to teaching the history of the Roma nationality, which is a special one in several aspects.The primary purpose of issuing this general comment is to present to the Hungarian professional public Recommendation CM/Rec(2020)2 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which provides guidance and concrete solutions for integrating Roma history and culture into school curricula and materials.
2020. November. 02.

2020 International Roma Day

The Minority Ombudsman was the main patron of the central celebration of the 2020 International Roma Day
2020. September. 08.

General Comment 2/2020 of the Minority Ombudsman on the issues of nationality law related to the 2021 census

Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay, Deputy Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Nationalities in Hungary, issued on 14 April 2020 her General Comment No. 2/2020. on the issues related to nationality law concerning the preparation and implementation of the 2021 census.
2020. April. 27.

Statement by the Minority Ombudsman on the occasion of the International Roma Day

In addition to the Hungarian and universal values of Roma culture and the opportunities opened for the future generations, Minority Ombudsman Professor Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay pointed out on the occasion of the International Roma Day that during the coronavirus pandemic, deprived Roma families, living in difficult conditions in some regions of Hungary, face extreme challenges and need help regardless of the current emergency situation.
2020. April. 09.

Information Notice on the issues affecting the Roma population in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

Message by Elisabeth Szalay-Sándor Minority Ombudsman on the challenges the Roma communities are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic
2020. March. 28.